Code of Conduct

1. The pupils as well as guardians are expected to keep up the high tone of the school by excelling in good manners. They should address the teachers and other members of the staff with due respect and politeness.

2. All pupils should be habitually clean and smartly dressed. Any child who comes in a slovenly condition will be excluded from the class or sent home.

3. If a pupil is absent due to any valid reason the principal must be informed.

4. Parents are not allowed to see their wards or interview teachers during school hours.

5. School property damaged or destroyed will be required to be made good. In addition a heavy fine may also be imposed.

6. Parents are required to fully co-operate with school authorities in matters of punctuality, discipline and regularity of their wards and also to take care of their home-work assignments and remarks given by the teachers in school

7. Pupils are strictly forbidden from buying eatables from the street vendors. As such parents requested not to give any money to their wards for this purpose.

8. A child suffering from contagious or infectious disease shall not be permitted to attend the school so long as medical fitness certificate is not produce.

9. Every pupil is required to participate in co-curricular activities like physical training and personality development exercises.

10. Withdrawl of a child from the school during the session will be subject to payment of fees for that session.

11. No student could be allowed to leave the school before the scheduled time in any case.

12. If a pupil remains absent 15 days without proper information his/her name will be struck off the rolls and on restoration the usual admission fee will be charged.

13. Since private tuition make pupils lazy and dependent the school highly discourages this practice. Permission for private tuition must be obtained from the principal even if the tuition is taken by tutor other than the member of
the school staff.

14. The names of those children who do not attend the school within three days of re-opening in April will be automatically removed from the rolls.

15. Parents/guardians are requested to sign as having seen

(a) The notice sent out periodically.

(b) The home-work assignments given to the child.

(c) Exercise books in which work has been assessed.

(d) The progress report folders.

(e) Late arrival record.

16. The school bears no responsibility for children who are usually escorted by their parents or servants if the escorts does not turn up even 15 minutes after the school is over. However, if the school aya or peon is sent as an escort
with the child the parents are requested to pay her/him adequately in addition to the charges of conveyance.

17. Report cards and Transfer Certificates are issued only after realization of all the dues.

18. The school will not responsible for any in towards if happen in the way prior or after the school.

19. The School is very much concern about the safety of your wards. We always try to adopt the best available source to ensure this. But it is advisable to the parents to make their own efforts after the school is off.

20. Some anti-social elements may try to have access while the students are on their way to home. Never ever leave your ward alone and ensure full security cover to your child.

21.The interpretation of any regulation or any amendments to them rests entirely with the Managing Committee of the school, their decisions shall be final and binding on parents/guardians.